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Test Days
For an updated list of Test Days for the Northern Ontario Section, please go to the Northern Ontario Section site and click on the "Events" link. Low test days are tentatively set for dates pending.

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At the beginning of the season a list of the competitions will be distributed to all star skater, including local and out of town events.  Registration for competitions must be done online and must be determined approximately 30 days prior to the event.  Once parents have reviewed the list for the year, they are asked to please notify Debbie Moyle on which competitions they will attend for the year: No later than October 1st, 2017.

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Our club is run by a community of dedicated volunteers that each give a bit of their time to help our club run smoothly.  The more volunteers we have the smoother our club can operate and the result is happy skaters.  Our goal is to get each member of our club to volunteer in some way to help ensure the success of our organization. Volunteer opportunities are as simple as helping with our fun events, participating in fundraisers, sewing costumes for carnival or going further to accept a position on our board.

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 A group lesson entails that one coach instructs multiple skaters at the same level during one 15 minute session.  These lessons are given at the coach’s discretion and not upon request.


Typically private lessons are in 15 minute increments in which one coach will work on skills targeted to areas that your skater needs to work on most.  We keep a detailed record of lesson content to ensure that each skater is receiving well rounded lessons from each coach. 


Typically club lessons are 15 minutes in length in which all skaters participate and one coach instructs.  Each session can have 1-2 of these lessons and feature subjects including: Stroking, Dance, Skills, Edges, Field Movements, as well as Freeskate.  These lessons are paid by the club with no extra charge to the parents


Skating clubs rely greatly on the co-operation and assistance of their volunteer Program Assistants. These skaters are trained to assist with the instruction of Canskate, Pre-Star and Star 1-10 members. Their role is that of leader, role model and instructor. Program Assistants are knowledgeable and volunteer their time to help in order to make the program run smoothy and are to be regarded with respect.

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Skaters' Code of Conduct

1.      Please respect the authority of the Professional Coaches and the rights of other


2.      Please keep noise to a minimum, as it is distracting to other skaters.

3.      Chasing games are allowed only under coaches’ supervision.

4.      Food, drinks and gum are not allowed on ice or on the bench.  Water bottles will be permitted at

         the players’ bench.

5.      Only authorised persons and skaters may enter the ice surface. Boots are NOT

           ALLOWED on the ice at ANY time.

6.      Skate guards must be worn in the lobby at all times,

7.      Discipline problems will be dealt with by the Session Supervisor on duty or by

         the Professional Coaches. Offenders may be asked to leave the ice.

8.     Please do not leave money or valuables unattended in the dressing rooms.

9.Clothing Attire: No jeans are to be worn on the ice by any skater at any level.

                       Long hair must be tied up

                       No fuzzy mittens areto be worn on the ice. It is a safety hazard.

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